art curator Fabrianne Morales in black

Fabrianne Morales — the eccentric pocket-sized art curator & mastermind behind FM ABSTRACT.

From Manila's eclectic multi-art scene, & Berlin-inspired life recalibration to becoming an international art consultant for artists, art brands & collectors.

포켓 사이즈 아트 큐레이터이자 FM ABSTRACT의 설립자. 마닐라의 다양한 멀티 아트 장면부터 베를린에서 영감을 받은 삶의 변화, 예술가, 아트 브랜드, 수집가들을 위한 국제적인 아트 컨설턴트가 되는 것까지.

Fabrianne Maglanque Morales (b. 1987) is an eccentric, pocket-sized art curator, producer, and PR professional living in Manila. Her experience running projects across multi-art forms at Kanto Artist-Run Space, TIU Theater, ASPACE — now The Astbury, and ZenART London further equipped her in curatorial, content creation, and public relations work.

Fabrianne is an avowed champion of distinct visual styles in contemporary art. She delights in styles untethered from the world of recognizable objects, those that do not naturalistically nor accurately represent visual reality. Over time, this love for unique visual styles became evident through the roster of artists she continues to work with — artists who excelled in mastering their chosen artistic medium and style. To date, Fabrianne has curated and produced exhibitions with artists 1111, Alfonso Recto, Astrud Moscoso, Bea Policarpio, Fitz Herrera, Humbly, Ian Inoy, Ireland Jill, Isabel Barredo-Del Mundo, Ivy Pangilinan, J. Kent Martin, Jack Mernin, Jane Cuevas, John Velo, Nasser Lubay, Summer de Guia, and Ted Peñaflor amongst others.

Sparked by Fabrianne's keen interest in abstract art and distinct visual styles; inspired by her mentor, Berlin-based curator, historian, and art critic Dr. An Paenhuysen; then fueled by her exposure to the prejudices against abstract art throughout her career, she started FM ABSTRACT.

Fabrianne wears black every day and when she's not exploring curatorial concepts, saturating in art or helping artists and art brands create buzz, still daydreams of becoming a Wes Anderson film character.

Curatorial and Professional Specialties

Arts programming — create arts programs that align with the needs and interests of an organization's audience and community

Contemporary art exhibitions and art events — curate, plan, and execute online and on-site multi-art events and exhibitions

Art branding — develop branding strategies for artists and art brands 

Abstract art — curate exhibitions and collections focused on abstractions and non-representational contemporary art

Outreach and relationship building — plan, execute, and maintain outreach strategies with media, collectors, agents, and artists including art influencer outreach

Art writing — write exhibition and collection texts, narratives, and lifestyle articles

Copywriting and editing — create and maintain a content calendar, write and edit text for marketing purposes: email sequence, web, social media copy, etc.

Private art curation — curate, source and contextualize art pieces into a cohesive private collection that reflects the collector's taste

Abridged CV

Education and Continuing Studies

(2021-2022) Postgraduate, International Curatorial Program, Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, Germany

(2018) Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Art and Music, Austrian Embassy Manila, Philippines

(2005-2010) Bachelor of Science, Double Major in International Business Management and Entrepreneurship, San Beda University, Manila, Philippines

Art Industry Experience

(Present) Founder and chief curator (Abstractions Abstracter), FM ABSTRACT. Makati, Philippines

(Oct 2020 - Oct 2021) Ambassador of Art Buzz - art curator and art world liaison, ZenART Supplies. London, UK

(May 2020 - Jan 2021) Co-founder and chief curator, Arts Talk PH. Mandaluyong, Philippines

(Nov 2018 - Aug 2020) Arts program director, ASPACE (The Astbury). Makati & Cebu, Philippines

(Mar 2017 - Oct 2018) Arts administrator and curator, Kanto Artist-Run Space and TIU Theater. Makati, Philippines

(June 2010 - Dec 2016) — Freelance arts administrator, fashion designer, art instructor, visual artist, Google certified trainer and partner accounts manager

Digital Snippets of Selected Curatorial Projects

2023 John Velo for Contours (Art curator)

2023 John Velo for Capturing the Male Form (Art curator)

2023 1111 for Without a Shadow of a Doubt (Art curator)

2023 J. Kent Martin for Life Underway (Art curator)

2020 Electric Youth (Art curator)

2020 Hindsight is 20/20 (Art curator) 

2020 Artempus X (Art curator, producer)

2020 From Manila with Love: THE BARANGAY Manila Exhibition | Photo documentation (Producer)

2019 An Unconventional Live Art Battle in Makati (Art curator, producer)

2019 Unbroken (Art curator, producer)

2019 Swardspeak (Art curator, producer)

2019 Perceptible (Art curator, producer)

2019 Sum of Our Parts (Art curator, producer)

2019 Isabel Barredo-Del Mundo for Introspective Playground (Art curator, producer)

2018 Jack Mernin for Lansgage (Art curator, producer)

2018 Humbly for Mutant Upgrade | Mutant Upgrade Exhibit Opening (Art curator, producer)

2018 Bibi Belgica for Incubation (Producer)

2018 1111 for Shadow Work | exhibition teaser (Art curator, producer)

2018 Bon Labora, Renato Andres for Pusang Gala (Producer)

2018 VS Mode All Women Art Battle (Art curator, producer)

2018 Imagined Futures: Dreams on Paper (Art curator, producer)

2017 Tetsuo Leo Orii interview for Sampaguita and Gold Button (Producer, director)