Love abstract art?

       Keep the wheel turning.

FM ABSTRACT isn't your parents' conventional arts services partner. 

We like to think that we are a driving force behind a vibrant abstract art revolution. With our unwavering passion for abstractions and non-representational art, we're on a mission to cultivate stronger abstract art communities through arts services, collaborations, and global engagement. Our ultimate goal? To inspire a wave of passionate abstract artists, patrons, and brands to support and champion art initiatives, sparking a movement that transcends borders, keeps the wheel turning, and leaves an indelible mark on the art world. 

Let's shake things up one abstract masterpiece and bold project at a time. Join our network of abstract art lovers and spread the word. Launching soon. Target Q2 2024.

art by artist Neon God for FM Abstract



"Non-objective art is the purest example of
the creation of a 'new order' of reality independent of nature,
and, as a result, art in this sense becomes
the most precious evidence of freedom."

Herbert Read,
English art historian