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FM ABSTRACT is an arts services lab dedicated to championing abstract art

However, we’re not your typical arts services partner. We like to think that we are a driving force behind a vibrant abstract art revolution. We are curatorial visionaries and brand strategists who love abstractions and non-representational art. Our founder, Fabrianne Morales leads the charge, infusing our services with intelligence, creativity, and a dash of a rebellious spirit. Born out of her postgrad capstone project, the inception of FM ABSTRACT is fueled by her exposure to the discrimination directed against abstract art and artists throughout her career.

So our mission? Cultivating stronger abstract art communities through arts services, collaborations, and global engagement. We offer a range of services, from art sourcing, arts programming, collection planning, art branding, exhibitions, and creative collaborations, all designed to bolster artists, patrons, and art brands. But we're not just here to showcase art and provide arts services. We're here to challenge perceptions and ignite a new appreciation for abstract art. With an intelligent voice and a fresh fun perspective, we'll enlighten our audience, inviting them to see abstract art in a refreshing new light.

Our ultimate goal? To inspire a wave of passionate abstract artists, patrons, and brands to support and champion art initiatives, sparking a powerful movement that transcends borders and leaves an indelible mark on the art world. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we break free from the ordinary. 

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art by artist Neon God for FM Abstract



"Abstraction allows man to see with his mind
what he cannot see physically with his eyes..
Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible,
to extract the infinite out of the finite.
It is the emancipation of the mind.
It is an exploration into unknown areas."

—Arshile Gorky,
One of the first Abstract Expressionists